Since having my consultations with Steph I have noticed a marked difference in not only my gut health, but my mental outlook. I became more positive and my skin glowed from the inside. I visited for a host of skin problems which cleared in little over a month and ongoing gut issues including bloating, pain and lethargy, disappeared once my diet and exercise regime had been sorted out by Steph.

Rebecca - Digestive issues & Anxiety


I went to see Steph when I found out I was newly pregnant, the pregnancy wasn't viable and Steph supported me through the process nutritionally and emotionally to cope with this loss. It's still early days but we're working towards supporting my body before trying to conceive again.

Kate - Pregnancy & Emotional support


I first went to see Steph as I was suffering with terrible energy dips, was totally unmotivated and my hair was falling out. Through adapting my diet and supporting my hormones, we were able to maintain my energy levels throughout the day, and considerably reduce the hair loss. This has been such a relief and I am now able to enjoy myself again.

Kim - Hormones & Hair loss